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Interactive flashlights in special needs education

Sue Cobb, Angela Mallet, Tony Pridmore and Steve Benford

Tink Tank –An interactive space to make exercise fun for children with various abilities
T. Kurien

Explorascope: an interactive, adaptive educational toy to stimulate the language and communicative skills of multiple-handicapped children
C. Hummels, A. van der Helm, B. Hengeveld, R. Luxen, R. Voort, H. van Balkom and J. de Moor

Interactivity in work with disabled
Stefan Hasselblad, Eva Petersson and Tony Brooks

e-Skin: Research into wearable interfaces, cross-modal perception and communication for the visually impaired on the mediated stage
Jill Scott, Daniel Bisig and Valerie Bugmann

Use of “Phantom” as a basis for a new form of art therapy in schizophrenia
Sébastien Machefaux, Elise Lallart and Roland Jouvent

Innovative Implementation in Socket Design: Digital Models to Customize the Product
U. Cugini, M. Bertetti, D. Bonacini, G. Colombo, C. Corradini,    G. Magrassi

Facilitating the experience of agency through an intersensory interactive environment
Lieselotte van Leeuwen and Phil Ellis.

Picturing Sound – An overview of its efficacy
Ceri Williams, Eva Petersson and Tony Brooks

Real-time composition of image and sound in the    (re)habilitation of children with special needs: a case study of a child with cerebral palsy
Maria Azeredo

MusiCam – an Instrument to Demonstrate Chromaphonic Synesthesia
Derek Yau and Rachel McCrindle

Unintentional Therapy, Unexpected Results: My artistic life to this point
Sandra Hewitt-Parsons

Flying Cities: building a 3D world from vocal input
Bruno Herbelin, Sebastien Lasserre and Jan Ciger

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